Council Approves AthenaHealth Incentives

City council last week approved $680,000 in incentives toward AthenaHealth moving in as the primary tenant in the Seaholm Power Plant building.  Council's proponents of the incentives refer to the State money that this deal provides as well as the value of health care companies in Austin alongside the UT teaching hospital.  Opponents, though, criticize Austin's business incentives at a time when Austin's economy is growing strongly, as well as the de-emphasizing of the Seaholm Plant as a public venue.

The Austin Post's Brandon Mulder writes more here.

January Developments at Seaholm and Town Lake

The former Seaholm Power Plant site made headlines this week with the news that the City of Austin was considering controversial economic incentives for AthenaHealth to move into the building.  KUT New's' Kelly Krupa shares insight here.

Across the Lake, the City of Austin hosted a walking tour followed by a downtown TALKabout session downtown to discuss the future planning efforts of the South Central Waterfront Plan

Add the Auditorium Shores renovation and the Seaholm Intake RFP to the mix--suddenly a lot of activity at Austin's lakefront!

Austin PARD to work with ULI for Seaholm Intake RFP

This morning, Austin City Council approved on consent a resolution put forward by Councilman Chris Riley to engage the Urban Land Institute in structuring the Request for Proposals for the Seaholm Intake Development.  Council's Action notes can be found here (the Intake agenda is Item 52).

This development is expected to strengthen the direction of the RFP, which was originally announced to be issued as early as January 2014 but can now reasonably expect to be delayed until later in the Spring.

Laskey Landscape added to portfolio

We are pleased to add the Laskey Landscape to our list of projects in the GUMBULLY portfolio.   

The Laskey Landscape was designed and constructed by GUMBULLY members Justin Beadle and Roberto Deseda.  Justin and Roberto's design proposal was awarded the 2nd annual Laskey Award and was completed on schedule with a budget of $5000, graciously underwritten by Studio L and the Sam Fox School of Visual Arts & Design.

Originally intended as a temporary installation, the Landscape has been such a design success that it continues to invigorate the social center of the Sam Fox School.

For images and project information, check out our Portfolio page

GUMBULLY headed to EcoDistricts

GUMBULLY member Brendan Wittstruck will be in Boston with The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems attending the 2nd EcoDistricts Summit.  The Summit, put on annually by Portland's EcoDistricts, will feature speaker and work sessions framed around the eight performance areas of the EcoDistrict design & planning framework.

For more information or to sign up for the Summit, visit

GUMBULLY is finalist!

GUMBULLY is honored to have been chosen one of the top three finalists in the City of Austin Parks & Recreation Department's Seaholm Intake Design Ideas Competition.  Our proposal, LINK, seeks to unify the lakefront recreational and social richness with a new beacon for the City's visual and performing arts culture, employing the intake structures' architectural uniqueness for site-specific, rotating, democratic arts installations and events.

The City applauded the proposal, writing, "The Judges rated this submittal high for its architectural creativity and innovative design solution.  The Moses pier, underwater art, use of shell “as is” for art and art boating, just to name a few.  The architectural interventions are minimal and demonstrate a sensitivity of the historic nature of the project site.  The connection and response to the surrounding development was done with sensitive landscaping alteration.  This design evokes many of Austin’s core valves, including appreciation of art, music, and healthy lifestyle."   

PARD will issue a Request for Proposals in January 2014 for the site's development, to be guided in part by the ideas of this competition.

For more information, visit the City's Seaholm Intake Competition page.