GUMBULLY on Talking Headways

GUMBULLY Brendan Wittstruck was featured this Fall on Streetsblog USA's Talking Headways podcast, speaking with host Jeffrey Wood on his research on St. Louis' I-755, a cross-town freeway that was never built, and how social protest and our thinking on highways has evolved since the 1960s and more recently as reflected in recent protests that have led to demonstrations closing urban expressways.

You can listen to the podcast here.

A Personal Letter to the CodeNEXT Advisory Group and Planning Commission

The Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan proposes we “recognize, respect and reflect these carefully crafted compromises, balances, and the assumptions upon with the existing neighborhood and area plans were based and depend”.  This Resolution duplicitously uses this language to support the demand that neighborhood plans be “replicated” under the Code rewrite.

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Lessons Learned from Route 755

Lessons Learned from Route 755

The City of Saint Louis… and the Missouri State Highway Department… have long recognized Route 755 as a key part of the transportation plan necessary for the revitalization of the City.  Construction of the freeway… will relieve serious traffic flow restrictions at the present interchange of I-44 and I-55, on north-south City arterials, on residential streets, and I-70—I-55 downtown.  The existing freeway system was designed with Route 755 as in integral part of the overall system to handle the area’s anticipated future traffic growth.  Without this vital link, the entire system is inadequate and cannot function as planned.

Hidden in the downtown St. Louis landscape are subtle hints of a history that did not come to pass.

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On Prop 1: Let Us Talk About Lives

On Prop 1: Let Us Talk About Lives

The City of Austin Bond Proposition known familiarly as Proposition 1 is a necessary step toward achieving the future for Austin that we talk so much about wanting.  It’s a question of quality of life, public health and an equitable vision for Austin.  It’s time to stop talking about how many people will use the rail and start talking about how people need the rail.

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GUMBULLY lives near a highway...

Last week, Austin City Council passed on consent resolution 90, instructing the City Manager to "have the City serve as a cosponsor and communicate to TxDOT the need for a stakeholder working group for Segment 4 of the CAIP [Capital Area Improvement Plan] to explore mobility improvements".

GUMBULLY member Brendan Wittstruck is a member of the North Central I-35 Neighborhood Coalition 2 (NCINC2), which looks forward to adding voices to the TxDOT Mobility35 planning discussion. 

You can view the NCINC2 Press Release here.

GUMBULLY on the Rag Blog

Brendan Wittstruck's essay "A View from Mueller" was recently included into the Metro section of Austin's esteemed progressive Rag Blog.  The re-posted essay can be found here.

The Rag Blog ( is a reader-supported Internet newsmagazine produced by activist journalists committed to progressive social change. The Rag Blog is a digital-age rebirth of the pioneering underground newspaper, The Rag, published in Austin, Texas, from 1966-1977.

Special thanks to Thorne Dreyer and Alice Embree for letting GUMBULLY join in the fun!

ULI Completes Assistance on Seaholm RFQ

The City of Austin has announced that the Urban Land Institute has completed their technical guidance on the Seaholm Intake RFQ, after City Council resolution inviting their participation. 

The Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) will now assess the ULI's recommendations before publishing and advertising the public RFQ later this Spring.  For more information, see the City press release here.

TxDOT Drops Superstreets Concept for IH35 Mobility Plan

Yesterday, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) issued a release stating they were dropping Superstreets proposals from the Mobility35 Capital Area Improvement Plan (CAIP) for Austin's IH35 corridor due to considerable backlash from Austin residents, neighborhoods and stakeholder groups. 

This is an exciting opportunity for Austinites to speak up for the future of IH35, as well as other regional mobility options, economic growth along the IH35 right of way, neighborhood connectivity and public health. 

Read the full TxDOT press release here.

A View From Mueller

A View From Mueller

A View from Mueller
Brendan V. Wittstruck

Of all the islands he'd visited, two stood out.  The island of the past, he said, where the only time was past time and the inhabitants were bored and more or less happy, but where the weight of illusion was so great that the island sank a little deeper into the river every day.  And the island of the future, where the only time was the future, and the inhabitants were planners and strivers, such strivers, said Ulises, that they were likely to end up devouring one another.

Roberto Bolaño, The Savage Detectives

By the time I first set foot on the quieted runways of the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, the jets crossed overhead, unconcerned, going about their now customary business at the Bergstrom Airport to the southeast. It was 2005, and ...

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